Operations Team

Kirsty Sutherland (General Manager)

Castlemaine Circus opens up a new world for participants, one where they want to stay and play. It is a physically rich space where participants can be challenged, stimulated and take risks. The environment is welcoming, fun, safe and open to all the family.  Our circus also provides social and emotional development where participants can build their confidence, creative expression and work together with the class.

We also provide circus workshops for schools and community groups.



Mandy Field (Creative Producer)Mandy Field

Our programs foster a culture of support and inclusion, where everyone has the right to belong, work at their own level, and contribute in a meaningful way. Castlemaine Circus is creating an environment within which young people can explore their passions, in a space that they can feel ownership over, facilitated by experienced professional artists and supported by a broad circus community. I am proud to be a part of that community.