Circus in Schools

Castlemaine Circus can come to your school or you can come to our venue.

We can design classes to run over a certain period whether it be for a half a term or a year. We can include a performance outcome or keep it focused on skills development.

We have many trainers with varying skills to meet your circus focus – acrobatics, juggling, gymnastics, aerial, stilt walking, unicycling.

Recent Circus in Schools programs:

  • Year 9 students, Castlemaine Secondary College
  • Violet Street Primary School, Bendigo
  • Maldon Kindergarten
  • Maryborough Learning Centre
  • Kyneton Primary School
  • Baringhup Primary School

A 10 week program would include:
Creating a safe training space. Personal and group goal setting. Dynamic gymnastics based warmups. Intro to tumbling. Intro to acrobalance and acrobatics. Juggling, Object, Manipulation and unicycle. *If venue permits an introduction to aerial apparatus is also possible. A unique performance presentation would also be devised by students with support from Castlemaine Circus Coaches.

Making Reference to AusVels, the following learning areas are central to Castlemaine Circus Inc Training Programs:

  1. Students engage in authentic and personally meaningful activities that assist in developing pathways for their future.
    Castlemaine Circus Programs engage young people in activities that both work to create a sense of membership with a whole group approach as well as on individual strengths and interest areas. The application for circus in broad and we have a direct mentoring model, where committed young people can work towards becoming assistant trainers in classes, and assistant directors and production crew on performance outcomes.
  2. They explore how their learning links to the world around them and applies to specific situations. Importantly, students become more focused on how their learning relates to their personal future.
    Castlemaine Circus works to encourage real world skills, in encouraging cross peer collaboration, where all contributions are respected. Goal setting and achieving those goals develops confidence and self belief.
  3. Students’ increasing strength and development allows for greater control and skill in physical activity. Students develop proficiency in a range of high-level movement and manipulative skills; for example, combining several skills simultaneously.
    Castlemaine Circus Programs are aimed at skills acquisition in a supported environment, where workshops are devised to challenge and develop physical abilities across specialised apparatus including: juggling and object manipulation, tumbling and mini tramp, acrobalance and acrobatics.
  4. Their increasing skills in planning, observation and analysis allow them to develop and evaluate ways of refining techniques and enhancing their own and others’ performance.
    Individual and group goal setting and reflection, showings and performance all enhance the skills acquisition process.
  5. Students examine the perceptions of challenge, risk and safety in a variety of settings. They examine strategies that promote safety, including those associated with the workplace.
    Castlemaine Circus Programs support positive and healthy physical challenges and risk taking. Our qualified coaches work with students to assess the risk level in a particular skill area, working with students to establish a trusting and supportive environment.


Please contact Kirsty Sutherland for more info:

Ph: 0435 462 749