‘Olina loves circus class. It’s the highlight of her week. She loves the physical challenges and celebrating her successes. She has really come into herself, gaining confidence since joining at the beginning of the year. I love it that she gets such positive modelling of all the wonderful things she can do with her body. All the turn-taking and following instructions is really helpful in teaching her life skills, as well as celebrating everyone’s efforts. I’m a huge fan? Thank you!
Shannon Shultz (Olina, age 2)

‘I am so grateful to Jane, Sam, Jacqueline and Mandy who have offered my daughter Jez an incredible opportunity to be herself and be included, which at times is really hard for young people.’
Esther, parent.

‘You guys are amazing: after the preschool class, my child can’t stop talking about circus and can’t wait til the next week!’
Lisa, parent of preschool participant.

‘I liked learning how to juggle and watching Teamo juggle the knives, forks and axes.”
Alek 6yrs

‘What I love is the secret how to get the spinning plates going. I also love best learning how to juggle and doing cartwheels’
Naomi 6yrs

‘What I like about circus classes here in Castlemaine is the variety of things we do and the trainers, who are very skilled.
 I find the best thing in classes is tumbling with the mini trampoline, which they do more of on the Tuesday class. I used to have to travel to Bendigo to join gymnastic classes but now I can stay here in my own community and join these inspiring classes.
 I’d love to have the opportunity to perform to show the wider community what Castlemaine Circus Inc. is all about and what you can learn.”
Jez 13yrs

‘I really like having regular training. We get fit and strong, challenge ourselves and get new skills. It’s been great and now I get to go to training twice a week.’
Aiya 15yrs

‘I haven’t mastered hand stands and cartwheels yet. It’s only been my first term but what I am achieving is awesome. Can’t wait till term resumes.
 Each week varies and I discard my hesitations as Christy leads the group through new experiences, “spotting” to ensure individual safety and positive one to one feed back.’
Michelle, Women’s class participant

‘As a total circus beginner I found the women’s class really fun and challenging. At the end of each class I feel energised and inspired. It’s been great revisiting some schoolyard skills too like handstands, cartwheels and double dutch skipping. The company and the teacher are fantastic too!’
Jane, Women’s class participant