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Visited the Flying Fruit Circus Show – JUNK!

The highly acclaimed Flying Fruit Fly Circus returned with their latest smash-hit show set amongst a 1940’s rural junkyard. Transforming trash into magical landscapes, JUNK took us on a journey back to a time when the neighbourhood street was a playground full of adventure and make-believe.

Eighteen students (plus their parent/guardian) attended an ‘Inside The Circus’ program with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

Thursday 29 March (last school day)
11.15am – 2.15pm
Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo

The program included four stages:

  1. Observation of preshow warm up for JUNK
    This is a wonderful opportunity to experience what happens behind the scenes of a circus production, and to observe the hard work, dedication and focus that is required to be a high-level circus artist.
  2. Insight into the Circus life
    Before the performance, the students will get a chance to meet and talk to the company tour manager, who will explain and answer any questions about the young artists schooling, the full time circus training and how these young artists live on tour.
  3. Experience JUNK
    Watch the performance of JUNK at Ulumbarra
  4. Discovery
    After the performance the whole audience can stay in the auditorium and participate in a short question and answer session.  Following this the group of students and their parents can meet the cast in person.

Castlemaine Circus End of Year Presentation 2017

This was a wonderful celebration of all the great skills and camaraderie that our participants developed throughout the year. We showcased most of our classes and our performance troupe over two shows. There were over 450 people in attendance and 150 performers. Well done everyone for such a brilliant effort!

We would like to thank all those people who helped make this happen…
Australia Council, Rotary Castlemaine, Liz Geddes from Chops for Tea, Lisa Chesters, IGA Maxi, Bakers Delight. Plus all the trainers and production crew who made the event seamless and enjoyable.

Please watch our video of the event.


Castlemaine Circus at the Castlemaine Show Parade

Friday 3 November

Celebrating the culture of Castlemaine Circus:

Stimulating, creative, fun, and welcoming to all

Performance at the Star Sports Awards


Castlemaine Circus were invited to perform at the

Castlemaine Mail Annual Sports Start Awards.

October 29, 2017.





Castlemaine State Festival 2017

We performed in two events in the Castlemaine State Festival:

The Public Opening of The Castlemaine State Festival on Friday 17th March.

The Don KR Garden Party on Sunday 26th March, in the Tarrengower and Lalgambook: A Jaara Jaara Teaching.

These performances were supported by Rotary.

Atopia 2015


With funding and support from Punctum Inc, Creative Victoria and the Federal Regional Arts Fund, Castlemaine Circus is developing a new performance work entitled “Atopia”.
Atopia involves an initial series of workshops teaching local young people circus arts and physical performance, visual theatre and storytelling, technical design and video-making, led by a team of local professional artists. In 2016 this project will work to develop site specific responses
The project is a partnership with the Meeting Place Koori Cultural Program, the Maldon Neighbourhood House’s Young West Program, Curly Roost Refugee Support, and young and emerging artists from the Castlemaine Circus School.
In 2016 the developed works will be presented in site specific locations throughout Mount Alexander Shire.

Video of progress in the Atopia project.

2016 Projects at the Castlemaine Goods Shed: Photos from Development

Castlemaine State Festival – March 24, 2015

Thank you so much to the circus families, friends and all that came and supported our excellent young people on Saturday. It does indeed take a community for things like this to happen. A big thanks to the Castlemaine State Festival for having us, Mara Macs and Rachael Quirk for seeing this busy week through, Willow’s mum for letting us climb all over her truck, The Chipolatas for inspiring and supporting us, and to our extraordinary Youth Ensemble: YOU ROCKED IT!!
We have big dreams so watch this space!

'The Future of Things Past' Castlemaine State Festival March 2015, with The Chipolatas (Photo Credit Lisa Gizzardi)

‘The Future of Things Past’ Castlemaine State Festival March 2015, with The Chipolatas (Photo Credit Lisa Gizzardi)


Harcourt Applefest 2015

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Valentine’s Day Cabaret, 2015

Castlemaine Cabaret poster


Castlemaine Circus is transforming the central Victorian town, The Weekly Times, September 23, 2015

Clunes is home to a Bulgarian acrobatics champion, The Weekly Times, September 23, 2015

Regional arts boost – Local projects win vital funding, Midland Express, August 3, 2015

Punctum Experiments in Live Arts – Atopia 2015