Adults Clown Workshop


Once again, we will be welcoming the wonderful Katy Burrows for an 
Intro to Clowning workshop – 4 hours of clowning fun! 
All levels are welcome.
This workshops will be a safe place for participants to practice simple clown techniques through playing games, exploring movement, improvising and performing.
Over the day we will do a range of exercise to practice key clown skills, in order to deepen our understanding of clown.
– How our bodies can convey to us so much, without doing much at all
– Practise the power of breathing
– Uncover a little of the clown in each of us
– See how our clowns play with one another
About Katy Burrows:
Since 2012, Katy has studied a variety of performance styles (particularly clown, circus and physical theatre) in France, Chile, Argentina and Australia. In 2013 she toured an adagio clown duo act in Chile and performed trapeze for Chilean Circus Theatre Company, Suspension Horizontal. While studying at NICA in 2019, Katy was Resident Artist at Women’s Circus as well as Circus Director for the Women’s Circus show, The Drill. Since 2020 Katy has been performing as a primary school teacher and created a Youtube series where she plays six characters who adventure together. 
We have limited spots for this workshop, so book in quick! For any questions, please contact Bek on 0430 527 757.