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Reports & Policies

CCI Annual Report 2015
CCI Annual Report 2018
CCI Annual Report 2021
CCI Annual Report 2022
CCI Annual Report 2023
Castlemaine Circus Member Handbook 2024

Youth Bank Policy

The Castlemaine Circus have created a suite of 32 Policies to safeguard the proper running of the Circus. We were able to create this Youth Policy Bank with a grant from our local council, Mount Alexander Shire. If you are a youth organisation in the shire, please contact us for a link to all our policies. They are here to be shared.

Child Safe Standards

The Castlemaine Circus has created a Child Safe organisation and meets the requirements as set out by the Commission for Children and Young People. You can access Castlemaine Circus Child Safety Policy here.


The Castlemaine Circus continually strives to create an accessible and inclusive space. We celebrate diversity and work to provide a safe physical and social space for all ages, abilities, genders and cultures. We are considerate of diverse genders in our verbal and written communications. We are aware and respectful of gender fluidity of participants, avoiding assumptions about gender and we use non binary language. We are welcoming with our signage and we have non gender toilets.